Responsive Behaviours Training

Responsive Behaviours Training


Responsive Behaviours Training



The aim of the programme is to provide healthcare professionals with the skills to effectively respond to behaviours that challenge whilst protecting the dignity and safety of the person with dementia. It highlights the need for self care and support for colleagues whilst working in a dementia care setting.
Course Content: This course explores causes and consequences of behaviours that challenge. It looks at the types of behaviour that falls into this category and focuses on anger, aggression, wandering, and antisocial behaviour at mealtimes. It also includes an overview of triggers, warning signs, and concentrates on diffusing difficult situations using a variety of approaches including the ABC approach and other distraction therapies. It covers the effects of the ‘sundowning’ syndrome and makes suggestions to help ease distress for persons with dementia. It focuses on our own approach.

Objectives: It seeks to provide health professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to cope with behaviours that challenge using a person centred approach whilst maintaining their own safety and supporting their colleagues.

Target Audience: This course will be of benefit to all healthcare professionals who work with clients who manifest behaviours that challenge in the clinical or residential setting.

Duration: 4 Hours
Cost: €300
Maximum Participants: 20

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